On October 31st, 1870 on the coast of England in the town of Brighton, the Inn At The Mist burned to the ground.  On October 31st, 1875, the Inn At The Mist has been reincarnated...

This suspenseful production centers around the character, Mary Charles, the former keeper of the Inn At The Mist.  Mary Charles is alive, but only in spirit.  In life, Mary Charles witnessed many unfortunate events while "keeping" the Inn.  Although she did not participate in these events, she did nothing to help.  This is almost an equal sin.  Therefore, she has been brought back into existence to redeem herself for her lack of intervention.

Mary Charles' counterpart is the coachman, Michael Gregory.  At first glance, Michael Gregory appears to be a friendly, affable coachman who stumbles upon the Inn with a passenger, Jonathan Taylor - a man with a questionable past - seeking refuge from inclement weather.  Actually, Michael Gregory has a darker side.  He has, along with Mary Charles, orchestrated a union of four apparent strangers.  His purpose is quite the opposite of Mary Charles, for as she is there to redeem herself and protect her arriving guests, he is there to collect their souls.  The Inn itself is a portal to hell, and is made up of these enslaved “souls”. On every Hallow's Eve since the beginning of time, Michael Gregory has attempted to collect the souls of the vulnerable. 

In addition to Jonathan Taylor, on this particular Hallow's eve, the other arriving guests include Brian Meddows and his fiancée, Priscilla White. There is also the housekeeper, Millicent Graham, who has an unusual tie to the Inn and these guests.   Neither Jonathan, Brian nor Priscilla are aware of what lies ahead for them on this stormy night.

Almost immediately, each of the guests begin having strange experiences which they try to rationalize as the result of the storm; voices, visions, moaning, singing and the general feeling of an unseen presence in the house.  Over the course of the evening, Brian finds out that he lived at this Inn as a child.  He also realizes that this was the same place his Mother committed suicide after her husband abandoned her upon finding out that she was with child.

Jonathan is also suspicious that he has been to the Inn as well.  Once he finds the name of the residence is the "Inn At The Mist", he realizes that this is where he murdered his concubine, Clara Rogers, just 5 years earlier.

 As time passes and nerves become more frayed, Michael Gregory slowly reveals his intentions to the guests of the Inn.  Simultaneously, Mary and Millicent reveal the previously held secret connections the guests have with each other. As Michael Gregory manifests more and more of his power and evil intent, Mary Charles must face the decision as to whether to be a willing accomplice in Michael Gregory's treachery or redeem herself by intervening in the salvation of those entrusted to her care.

One last dramatic confrontation will decide who will triumph.

Produced by Ghost Of A Chance Productions, LLC
Copyright 2003-2014
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