MICHAEL GREGORY: The coachman, 30-60, working class, appears friendly & helpful, but is evil personified. He has but one night a year to fulfill his purpose; collect souls away from the light thus to bring about their demise.

MARY CHARLES: The Innkeeper, ghost, late 30-40’s, strong, comforting. Has a purpose, unknown to the other guests, and even to herself, which is to bring about redemption and to ward off the evil that is intent on destruction.

JONATHAN TAYLOR: Late 40’s to 50’s. Once wealthy land owner. Stern, bitter, driven. He has been a party to two sinful deeds. He has tried for years to keep them secret. So far he has been successful, until tonight.

BRIAN MEDDOWS: 20’s, poor, artist by trade, raised in an orphanage after his Mother, (Beatrice Taylor), committed suicide when he was but 5 years old. He is the son of Jonathan Taylor, though neither of them know of this relationship. He is engaged to Priscilla White.

BEATRICE TAYLOR: ghost, 30’s. Was abandoned by her husband (Jonathan Taylor). Gave birth to son, Brian. Went slowly insane and committed suicide when her son was 5 yrs old.

CLARA ROGERS: early 30’s, Beautiful, but hard-hearted. Ran off with Jonathan Taylor. She too became disposable to Jonathan and was eventually murdered by him. She is seeking revenge.

PRISCILLA WHITE: early 20’s. Innocent, naïve, but finds an inner-strength. She was once from a wealthy family, but gave it all up to be with Brian.

MILLICENT GRAHAM: housekeeper. 40’s stern, standoffish and generally unpleasant as she was killed in a fire at the Inn. Her allegiances to good or evil are suspect.

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